Thursday, December 4, 2014

Square One

Have you ever felt like just as you were starting to get everything under control, your world turned upside down? Like when you're building a block tower and someone walks by and knocks it over? Some of you know the things I've been facing this past year. 2014, I'm so sick of you! I want to share my experience but I've been avoiding the details because I don't want to do anything in bad taste. I feel like my experiences could benefit others if done in the right spirit. This is after all my "real-life blog". That's been my goal from the go against the grain and expose life for what it really is. Ugly, dirty, messy, hurtful, crazy, happy, beautiful...all at the same time! Maybe I could share in pieces...maybe I should write a book! Hahaha! I will share this much. Through God ALL things are possible. From potty training to earning a Ph.D. All things are possible through Him.

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