Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sunbeam Coloring Page

An overly simplified version of the Plan of Happines

So, I'm pretty darn proud of myself. I'm working on my lesson for my Sunbeam class (ages 3-4) and I could not find an age appropriate coloring page for the Plan of Salvation. So I was like, 'dude, I can whip one up!' So here it is! Feel free to use it for FHE or future Primary lessons. I'm sure some of the images I used are copyrighted and such so make sure you're using them appropriately.


  1. I used this last week to sub in sunbeams--it was perfect & awesome! THANK YOU for sharing!!! :-)

  2. This is perfect for my little family! I was going to whip one up too, but I'm glad I saved myself a little time and found this. We're doing the Old Testament challenge from the Friend for 2014, and the first week is The Plan of Salvation. Thanks!