Friday, April 27, 2012


Sylvia Kaye Zoellner
7 lbs 1 oz
    Here she is world. The bundle of joy that we have been waiting for! Miss Sylvia Kaye Zoellner was born at 12:51am April 19th 2012. My water broke around 10:30pm and my contractions were getting intense, but I delayed going to the hospital because we had a false alarm the week before and I wasn't exactly thinking clearly. I was afraid maybe I was mistaken and that this was just false labor. Luckily, my mom and Cassidy were there to help. Cass, did an amazing job getting me in the car and to the hospital. I had told him through out the pregnancy that it's not like you see the movies with the dad speeding to the hospital. It ended up being exactly like that! My volume was getting loud ("this one goes to 11" how Cass described it ). As we entered triage the nurse looked me in the eye and told me I needed to calm down. That was before she checked me and realized what all the screaming was about. They rushed me off to the delivery room and I was ready to throw my attempt at a natural birth out the window. Fortunately, I didn't have a choice at this point, baby was on her way! Ten minutes after we got to the hospital she was born! I wouldn't have had it any other way. I got my wish to have her naturally and she is fantastically healthy. Her face was one big bruise from coming out so quickly and the cord was wrapped pretty tightly around her neck, but the nurses were so wonderful. We were extremely impressed with the staff and how quickly they handled the whole situation. I felt like it went perfectly.
    I was thankful to have my sweet husband by my side. He held my hand and stayed calm. It was an incredible experience to look over at his face during this precious moment. I think both of our us are overcome with gratitude for the growth of our family. I didn't think my heart could be anymore complete, but now I have a small glimpse of how Heavenly Father must feel about each of us.
   Sylvia has been a phenomenal eater and sleeps like an angel. We are overjoyed to have her in our lives...all though it feels like she's always been here.

  Sylvia is named after my favorite Miike Snow song. The name Sylvia means forest. We are firgue we have water (Saylor) and Earth (Sylvia), so our other kids should be named after fire and air, right? Her middle name Kaye is my middle name and a family name for five generations now.

  Saylor Mia is also handling the situation amazingly well. She loves her baby sister and is excited to play with her. She is already protective and often gives us instruction on how to properly care for her. I was afraid she would be confused and upset, but she doesn't seem threatened at all. I think it has really helped to have her Nana here to be her 24/7 playmate.

  We are extremely blessed to have so many people around us that have helped us through the pregnancy and after the birth. I don't know what we would have done without Cassidy's family and my family chipping in to pick up the pieces. We have had so many friends lend a helping hand to make this one of the most wonderful times in our lives. I can't say thank you enough!


  1. Way to go! Having a natural birthing experience is quite the accomplishment, my situation sounds super similar to yours, sounds like you did an incredible job!

    1. Congrats! She is darling! You are glad it was a wonderful experience for you two! Hugs

  2. She is so cute. We can't wait to have you here. I am so glad both and safe and healthy (mom and baby). Now the pressure is on . . two sisters going natural! I don't think I can do it! You are amazing! So glad mom and dad were there to help. Can't wait to see Saylor the big sister!