Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Healthy Wednesday

So I have been very reluctent to post more about my struggle with weight loss. I feel like I jinx myself by talking about it aloud. However it's one of my top priorities right now so it's almost impossible not to bring it up. My body is going crazy! I have no control of my appetite. I do have control of my physical activity though. With no apparent exscuses to fall back on I have dragged my big butt to the gym as often as possible in the last month or so. I can feel my heart rate and endurance improving as I run. Mostly, I like to run. It makes me feel empowered. It makes me feel more connected to myself. I practice yoga at least once a week which ALWAYS centers me and motivates me to push myself. I would love to eventually be practicing everyday. Moving meditation is ideal for somebody as restless as me.

I even talked to my doctor who suggested the regular "lets check your thyroid" routine and challenged me to limit my calorie intake to 1,200 a day! For a compulsive over eater such as myself this is near impossible! I was able to go almost a week before going over my calories. Now I'm struggling once again to keep my head above water. I feel like my exercise is productive and I feel great during and after. I just cannot align my eating habits with the knowledge of what I know is BEST for me and the rest of my life style.

I admire the women around me that have sense of dicipline. I see all these families running marathons together and I just want to get through the day without binging. As for TODAY...I have not exceeded my intake as of 10:30am, I started my day with an at-home yoga practice, then walked to the gym where I swam for 45 minutes. This is the best I can do today. I can only take this issue ONE DAY AT A TIME. I cannot think about tomorrow or worry about yesterday. I do as much as I can and then ask God to do the rest.

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