Friday, June 25, 2010

Deja Vu

The idea of deja vu has a reputation as something mystical and mysterious. The scientific community views it quite differently. Research has shown that deja vu (referred to in science as, PROMNESIA) is easily explained as the lapsing of a similar situation logged in long-term memory with a new experience evoking a false sense of recollection. What science can't explain is the phenomenon linked to deja vu known as déjà vécu. Much like deja vu, déjà vécu is the feeling of having been in the same situation before. You may be more aware of the lighting, smells and sounds of the event and have a strong sense that you have experienced it all before. During déjà vécu you may also be able to anticipate what is about to occur. Somebody enters the room or a joke is made and you can predict the event merely seconds before it happens.

I have felt a strong sense of deja vu over the past several weeks and welcomed it. Somebody once told me that experiencing deja vu is a sign that we are on the right "path" in life, or that our destiny is aligning with our free will. This theory held weight with me and my beliefs. I have welcomed the sensation each time I experience deja vu. I asses my surroundings and the company that I am in and feel assured that this is where I should be. I have had moments in my life where feelings of deja vu were exceptionally strong and last for unusually long periods of time. I can recall one episode lasting almost fifteen minutes. I have also experienced moments of déjà vécu during which I simply knew what was about to occur in a short sequence of events. For example, shortly after moving to Bend, Oregon I was driving down a dark road for the first time and although I was turning down a street I had never been on, I already knew what was around the corner. In my mind I could recall a rocky hillside, specific landmarks and which way the road continued.

I do not attempt to argue with neurophysiological research. I am sure that most cases of promnesia can be attributed to simply similar memories overlapping with new memories being made. But on occasion, I believe that our spirit becomes aware of the things we once knew. Our subconscious finds a way into consciousness. Perhaps our pre-mortal knowledge is occasionally revealed to us as we live it out. We utilize our free agency by following the path that will bring us righteous knowledge. Sensations of familiar truth are accessible to those who recognize them. Scientific knowledge of how we make and store memories and the explanation behind deja vu is indeed accurate. The only correction I am suggesting is that our memories extend before our mortal existence. Maybe overlapping of memories does not only include Earthly memories but also those of our pre-mortal knowledge.

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