Saturday, April 2, 2011


Climbing out the window, searching for the core.
Walk me through the back yard, I will search no more.
Inhale all the moments, where this flora stands.
Shining on forgiveness, broken in your hands.
Expectations building, a calm before the storm.
Empty packages glitter, turned cold what once was warm.
Dreams can be replenished, hope can be restored.
But I had already unlocked this, I've opened up the door.

Now my mind is racing, fear I'll never know,
Slowly thoughts are fading, darkness starts to show.
Words of other authors, spoke in reverance,
Grant me all security, and maybe another chance.

Still. Numbers on the wall.
Silence around mending, no memory at all.
Hold up the understanding, hold back the stinging debt.
Pressing palms embracing, higher as they met.

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