Friday, June 18, 2010

Farmers Market

I recently moved to Mesa and so I've been on the look out for fun/productive things to do. I was lucky enough to find a VERY local farmers market less than five minutes from my house.

I have made it a priority to feed my family organic/locally grown foods whenever possible. A farmers market is a gold mine for someone like me. All of the fresh produce and goods were grown no farther than Chandler and were farmed without harmful pesticides or genetic alterations. Besides the environmental and health benefits, everything was resonably priced. I was able to buy a 1/2 lb of natural ganola, a watermelon, plums and celery for under $10.

I constantly struggle with the issue of the desire to make good informed purchases and the ability to afford it. I know many people face this same issue. I have to say I was the choir being preached to several nights ago as my husband and I watced "Food Inc", an in-depth documentary that examines where our food comes from, how it is treated, and who is cotroling the process. This film is extremely well put together. It does not aim to convert but rather to inform the viewer. As American's we are all a part of this process and I highly recommend that you give the film a chance to enlighten you. It put some of my financial concerns at ease. It's basically the same idea as using cash rather than credit. Processed food being "credit" that you end up paying more for in the long run when it comes to health issues. Changing the subject...I found it freaking hilarous when we saw a woman pushing her cat in one of those pet strollers. Saylor got really excited and went up to it and the cat hissed and batted at Saylor. The lady got upset and told Saylor "that's enough!" Saylor backed up and was like "whatever, lady". Dirty hippies....shouldn't be bringing your cat out in public anyways.


  1. We love Farmers Markets. Good stuff there for cheap. And heck yes on the crazy lady with her damn cat! I would have flipped! Good thing you are more patient than I am. -Kelsee

  2. I really liked Food Inc. Maddie...but i was at a loss about what to do. Save money and eat quantity or spend more and get quality. Its so hard to be on a budget and dieting and be heathly. The whole thing makes my brain crazy. But I love love Chipotle food...Food Inc. recommended them.