Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Name Game

   Now that we know baby number three is going to be a girl, I'm driving myself crazy trying to find a name that the Hubs and I can agree on. My very wise sister, Brittanie, doesn't reveal any of her possible choices until after the baby is born. I on the other hand bounce name ideas off anyone who will listen. Having the last name - Zoellner - is not the easiest to fit with darling little names either. I've chosen to have her middle name be Lynn, in honor of my mother-in-law, but beyond that I'm stumped. I want it to be something unique, classic and a little old-fashioned. Ideas are much appreciated! Here are a few of my faves, but like I mentioned, my husband and I are just not seeing eye to eye.


  1. Millie, Elsie, Hattie, Kitty, any of those work for you?? (We were so close to naming our Violet-- Vidalia...just saying)..... ;-) good luck! Names are hard!!

  2. it is so funny that I ran across your blog today looking for some primary stuff. Just this last week I was thinking about baby names. no reason for it. I like that your other two daughters names start with an 'S' so in honor of that I give you these names to ponder. Serenity, Skye, Sydney, Starr, Summer, and Sincerity. Don't know that they match with Lynn but only you can say all three names over and over to find what fits before you fall in love with it. Best wishes...

  3. I think the name Grace is beautiful and classic. That is by fare my favorite.

    May I also suggest a couple other names: Mae or Gwendolyn.

    I just started reading your blog and am enjoying it so much. You relationship with the Lord and the honest way you raise you family is inspiring.

  4. Thank you..your blog has truly helped me today!
    My name suggestion is Katina.