Friday, August 5, 2011

Lolita Fashion

What is Lolita fashion?
      Lolita is a subculture of fashion characterized by sassy Victorian get-ups. This brave style originated in Japan as a small street fashion and quickly spread to other countries including the U.S. Lolita has been reported to be not only a fashion, but a life-style. A woman exhibiting Lolita-like qualities would be elegant and dignified. She would enjoy traditional feminine activities such as baking and sewing. The purpose of Lolita fashion is not to be sexy, but instead be poised or cute. Lolita dresse hem lines are regularly tea-length or close to the knee. There is certainly a sense of modesty to this quirky scene.Within the Lolita style are sub-styles which include gothic, casual, costume, sailor, and sweet.


     I randomly came across this topic of Lolita fashion and I absolutely had to comment on it. Overall, I give the whole mess a thumbs up! I think it's different, it's edgy, it's fun. Ever since about my junior year in high school I have loved bending the fashion rules. Buying goofy thrift store outfits or uniforms with other people's names embroidered on them. So this stuff is right up my alley! I love that it's modest. Modesty is key to my fashion. I am a little on the heavier side so I don't need to be flaunting my muffin top and ending up on people of I like to dress to my size. My religion also teaches that modest dress standards are appropriate for daughters of God and I try to follow that principle. That's why I love the frilly, knee-length dresses that accentuate my waste and cover my American thighs. I can't get enough of the vintage prints and unique details in each outfit.
  I would label this fashion movement 100% original. I would feel most comfortable sporting some of the more casual Lolita styles. My only reservation with it is the more extreme or "gothic" variations. I would seriously be creeped out if I saw those two pink-haired Japanese girls walking down the street!!

A Note About

     Lalaloopsy dolls have been compared to the Cabbage Patch Kids or Raggedy Ann in popularity. Each doll's outfit and accessories reflect Lolita's innocent characteristics. There is a general "sewing" theme to each Lalaloopsy doll that correlates with the Lolita style of propriety. I would have to say that the success of this doll is solid evidence that Lolita fashion has reached the U.S. My daughter owns a Lalaloopsy doll, as do all of my nieces. When our friends see the doll for the first time they are often a little unsure of it.  You either adore them or think they are totally freaky. I feel the same goes for Lolita fashion in general.

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  1. This is such a fun post! As someone who admires Lolita fashion and owns a Lalaloopsy doll herself (I'm in college, but hey, you're never too old! I have a Little Bah Peep) I can agree with you. I really like how the movement is supposed to promote beauty with innocence rather than with showing...stuff. So many women could benefit from this message.