Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 5 of the HCG diet

I have found this diet to be extremely difficult. I did not realize how much I rely on food for comfort. When my stress levels spike I reach for something tasty! I am in phase 2 of the plan where I am limited to 500 calories a day. The foods I am allowed to eat are lean meats such as chicken and white fish. Vegetables include choices like spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, and celery. Fruits are limited to grapefruit, strawberries, oranges and apples. (I'm getting hungrier just thinking about.) This part of the diet only lasts around 25 days, but right now it seems like forever!! I cheated for the first time last night at a Relief Society activity where I sneaked a mini Twix candy bar. Later that night as I was with my husband running errands he insisted on stopping at McDonalds. The car quickly filled with the delicious aroma of french fries, processed meat, and a Reeses Mcflurry to top it off. After my daughter enjoyed a few of the fries I proceeded to kiss her salty little face with maybe a little bit too much satisfaction.

Honestly, I've lost about one pound and I do not feel great. I am starving, I'm cranky and I'm exhausted. I don't have enough energy to take care of my responsibilities. I'm sticking with it because I want to say that I at least gave it my best effort. But, if I don't start losing some weight, I'm going to be disappointed.

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  1. I had talked to my doctor about this diet and he said it's kind of dangerous. The weight that people lose is usually because of starvation and not because of the drugs. I know a lady who lost 35 lbs in the 25 day period, but I don't know if I could do it. Good luck and I hope it works for you!!!!