Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Chistmas Bells are Ringing

The Christmas season is a wonderful opportunity to recognize and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. The joyful season is filled with traditions, friendship, charity, and excitement. It is a holiday that millions of people recognize regardless of regular religious affiliation. It is fascinating how individuals who are not practicing Christians during the rest of the year; are suddenly overcome with holiday spirit during Christmas. It is equally intriguing how faith can be strengthened and renewed during Christmas. It seems easier for people during the month of December to observe a sacred and happy feeling. Some might attribute this feeling to the gathering of family or the familiar carols sung each year. However, I believe that the significant warmth felt during the Christmas season is due to the increased participation of men in the worshiping of our Redeemer, Jesus Christ.
I believe that it is divinely designated as a time that all men can be reminded of the everlasting love that is unconditionally offered by Christ. It is a time of renewal. It is a chance to exemplify the qualities of the Savior. It is a time to seek forgiveness and make amends. Often times we must sacrifice our needs and desires to enrich the lives of the ones we love. At times secular traditions can be confused with the purpose of the season, but when presented in an appropriate manner the same lessons of hope apply. Santa Claus is a beautiful symbol of faith and giving. To teach a child to believe in something that is hoped for, but not seen can develop a sense of confidence in figures of inspiration.
Anticipation for Christmas among my fellowmen is a beautiful sight, but my wish for them is much greater. Annual worship proves insufficient for true redemption. The mission of Christ is so much more than holiday amusement. Acceptance of Christ’s atonement and application in one’s life offers eternal happiness. The effort that the Lord requires from us is a small price to pay for the security through knowledge that we can receive.

At the conclusion of one year and the welcoming of another, I resolve to center my intentions on the teachings of Jesus Christ. I acknowledge that the blessings bestowed upon my family and I have come directly from the mercy and love of my Heavenly Father and his only begotten son, Jesus Christ.

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