Monday, May 23, 2011

An Awkward Monday

My mind is so scattered. I feel down to Earth. I feel OK. I endured a long night. My husband paced the floor until 1am desperate for relief from his anxiety. So I'm still bringing the day into focus. One random image at a time.
Ever since I was about three or four years-old I remember loving the mail. I remember meeting the mail-lady to get candy or a piece of gum along with the mail. I still LOVE checking the mail. I don't know why. I guess I still expect there to be a surprise waiting for me. Somedays, the only time I leave the house is to check the mail. I can always count on that to look forward to. Odd...I know.
Events just seem to be flowing. I am sensitve to energies lately. I am very sensitive to smells. Smells automatically link to my mood. If there is a pleasent smell, I will most likely feel at peace. I love these little candles from Bath and Body.

I'm at peace today. I'm enjoying the kids.
I love their little voices. I love their little cheeks. They are so sweet and innocent.
Those brown eyes melt me everyday. And how could you not love those curls!
My little artist loves to create. She is so compassionate and friendly. I love watching her take care of her "babies". And I love when she puts her dollies on the carpet and tells them "two minutes!" (Meaning they are in a time out.)
Thank goodness for the wit of toddlers!

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