Friday, May 27, 2011

Luau Fundraiser

On our first night in Boise my mom took us to a luau fund raiser. The food was great and it was the first time that all of the cousins had been together in about two years.
Dinner was served and raffles to be won. There was also a cake walk that the kids could get enough of. We had enough kids with us too that the odds were in our favor to take home cake! Literally! We ended up wtih two plates of cookies!
The last few photo's are of the 2010 MEN...I love these boys..Wesley was born in February, Canon in March, and Baby James in August. I've always wanted a boy, but for now these little gentlemen will do! I absolutely adore these little sweeties.
Standing in line for the cake walk!!

The night was a success, for the kids and for the cause. Audrey won the limbo contest and Saylor won a first-aid kit from one of the raffles. It was a beautiful Spring evening and the perfect start to our adventure!

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