Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Candid Creation

I have felt so overwhelmed with emotions for my family. We had the privilege of spending a lot of time together this past holiday weekend.  There have been so many little things that have made me smile lately. I love how my little family is growing and learning, together and individually. Each person has needs and desires. It's hard to find a healthy balance to make everyone happy or satisfied. I find the more I give and sacrifice the happier I am. Even though we live in a little apartment, nothing fancy, I enjoy personalizing it and making it a home. It is a place that my family and I have in common for a sense of safety, peace and refuge. It is important to me to make that environment comfortable and as pleasant as possible.
Saylor and I have been thrift store shopping. I found this adorable pillow case at Mesa Thrift and I fell in love with it. I want to get a matching bed set for Saylor's new big girl bed.
I am so proud to have this piece of furniture. My father has always had a talent for wood working, but over the past few years has really devoted significant time to perfecting his craft. I have several pieces placed in my home. Saylor takes so much pride in her custom princess bed. In this picture alone you can see the toy box, rocking chair and bed which are signature pieces by my father. I am so impressed by the development of his skills and the many treasures he has constructed for our family over the years. They hold special memories and I'm sure the sentiment will only become stronger as the years pass. Thanks, Dad!
Daddy's idea of keeping an eye on Saylor. She likes to bury people with her toys. The mess means there's people living here.  I'm thankful that Cass can find a moment to relax within the chaos of our lives.

I don't know why, but this little fashionista makes me think of 'little miss muffet'. 
The simple pleasures of being a Nanny.  Creation is a innate God-like characteristic. When there isn't time left in the day to create something breath-takingly fantastic; play. Resort to playdough,  crayons, Mr. Potato Head, a puzzle or some blocks. Create something. I spend most of my time trying to create order and rarely achieving it. I have few minutes here and there to blog or improve my domestic skills and it keeps me smiling. What do you create?

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