Wednesday, July 6, 2011

the Beginning of Vegetarianism

One night as I was doing some aimless web searching and came across a very simple guide Vegetarian's "beginner's guide".I half-heartily made a choice to stop eating meat (for a time) to see if I noticed any significant health improvements. I've had several friends suggest a more plant centered diet to help my poor complexion and battle with weight loss. I am now ending day without eating any meat or fish. More than anything, I am surprised at my ability to refrain from eating meat and to come up with creative meals. It has brought me a sense of accomplishment through self-control. I made a terrible mistake by beginning a new diet plan over a holiday weekend. Miraculously, I was able to resist the temptation for barbecued meat and still have a fantastic time.

(To clarify, by NO MEAT I mean vegetarian, not vegan. I'm abstaining from any animal tissue, such as pork, chicken, beef, fish etc. I am still consuming dairy products and eggs, but toying with the idea of phasing those out to depending on how well this portion of the observation goes. )

My husband, Cassidy, has been very supportive of my dietary efforts and has been open-minded about trying new foods. Saylor has been less receptive.
1.) The first meal I presented was a veggie sandwich that was very easy to add meat to for my husband. It included:

herb & cheese focccacia bread
sun dried tomatoes
provolone cheese
smoked turkey (optional)
  w/ grapes and Parmesan pasta
I like to put a smile on his face.
the 'meatless' option.
Saylor playing with her food

2.) The second meal was lighter. A whole grain vegetable soup (canned) and a tossed salad including:

spring mix
crushed pecans
parmesan cheese
raspberry dressing
  w/ tortilla chips & light yogurt

The presentation was a lot of fun and  I think Cassidy agreed how yummy the meals were. I think I've been surprising him (and myself). I'll try to keep updating my progress...key word TRY.  It's been exciting to achieve the few days of commitment to vegetarianism. Today also marks  24 hrs of abstinence from overeating. What abstinence requires is that I write down my 'food plan' and follow it exactly. The list consists of foods I exclude as well as what food I will allow myself to eat and how much. Food exclusions should be what you consider trigger foods that lead to overeating. As an example, here is my current food plan:

1,300 calories per day
no soda
no ice cream
no donuts.
vegetarian diet (no meat or fish)

24 hours of abstinence may not seem like a long time, but when you are struggling with a 
compulsion/addiction, it is a life-changing accomplishment. I commend all those you have over come this problem and am so inspired by the stories I hear. I have seen hard work be put into a recovery program and yield unimaginable success. It brings me hope!
..Here's to today..

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