Sunday, July 31, 2011

Review: Field Tripp @ the Clubhosue, July 28th

(Front man, Dan Allmond of the band Field Tripp)
Thursday night the band Field Tripp entertained a small crowd at the Clubhouse venue in Tempe, Arizona. This was my second time at the Clubhouse, the first time I was elbow-deep in Fun ballads. Although it seemed brief, the Field Tripp set did not disappoint me. Bug's on the Blades is my jam!The band has been transformed several times, but this time things seemed to click. Field Tripp holds an Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zero's quality it's history of large numbers. The last time I saw Field Tripp was at the Rouge in Scottsdale. It seems as though Dan calls up all his musician friends and invites them to jam on stage.The Rouge was a good show, but a bit chaotic. Two drummers, a stand-up bass, LOTS of guitars, banjo, etc. Thursday night at the Clubhouse was certainly more organized, but didn't lack the meat.
 Dan Allmond (guitar/vocals), Brian Mabry (guitar/clarinet), Amir Azzabi (drums), Paul Balazs (bass) and Eliz Christy (vocals/keys)
Dan is the one constant member in this whirl wind of talent. From the first time I heard the indie-rock grooves there was something familiar. Live, they have a very raw, garage band quality that makes you feel like one of the cool kids. The softer songs are romantic and easy to start slow-dancing to. I loved my husband's arm around my waste during those songs!
I recently commented on Dan's weight loss and asked him what he is doing differently he replied,
"I'm laying off the beer." 
 Coming from a musical background, I was not impressed with Field Tripp's former female vocalist. I think one of the smartest changes to Field Tripp was the addition of keyboard/vocalist, Eliz Christy. The urban songstress's voice blends perfectly with the rest of the group. The rhythm is spot on which is impressive with all of the time changes and break downs. The new album will became a life-soundtrack really quick.
Self-proclaimed influences include Modest Mouse, Beach Boys, Built to Spill, Elliot Smith and the Beatles. Although there is catchy familiarity, the songs all ring with whole hearted originality. The recordings available on the Field Tripp Facebook will give you a good idea of their vibe, but overall DOES NOT do them justice and does not include the current members. I recommend picking up their new album, Super Ego-Friendly, or checking out a live show.

Field Tripp's Next Show:
7pm Tuesday, Aug 9th 2011
The Rouge, Scottsdale, AZ

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