Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Snowflake Pioneer Days

 This was my third year celebrating the annual Pioneer Days in Snowflake, Arizona. The first time I came to Snowflake (located in Northeastern Arizona) was when I had known my then, future husband for less than a month and he invited me to meet his parents and join in the festivities. This weekend was perfect. The weather was cooler than the valley and there was plenty to do. My husband's younger sister was playing in a church softball league. I loved getting into the game with the rest of the family. Saylor made some friends and played in the dirt.

Saturday is the main day for events. The day starts off with a parade complete with creative floats. This years theme was "Joy in the Journey". Saylor adores Cassidy's family. Here she is snuggled up with Grandpa.

 Cassidy was content in the shade with his sunflower seeds.

 In between the parade and delicious BBQ we enjoyed the festival at the park near Cassidy's parents home. They had bouncy houses, climbing wall, vendors, and food. Saylor sat in this barrel train thing long enough to get a picture and then wanted nothing to do with the ride. Cassidy tried sitting in the barrel with her and that didn't help. At least I got my money back. We settled for a homemade old fashioned root beer and cream soda instead.

I didn't get pictures of the rest of our fantastic trip but we had got pretty rowdy at the rodeo and fireworks. I forced Saylor to ride on Grandpa's dune buggy. She fought me to get the seat belt on so I wrapped one arm around her and took her for a spin. Cassidy got to meet up with an old friend that he hadn't seen for a long time. And as for me I was just excited to have a few laughes with my family. It is a wonderful tradition that I hope we continue for a long time!

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