Monday, July 30, 2012

Ode to Arizona

Watching Tank
Rhinestone Cowboy
Wherever the Wind May Take Us
Great-Great Billie
Tree of Life
After four years of living in the Arizona desert I am saying good-bye. I never thought that it would be difficult. Whether I liked it or not, after four years....the desert became my home. I met my husband there. It is were both my daughters were born. My "extended" family became my familia. I cried as I left. I am happy for the memories and friends I made in the desert. These are a few of the last moments I spent in Arizona. I feel a sense of pride having lived in the land of cowboys and Indians. I will not forget the lessons the desert taught me. There are so many people that I love in Arizona. I owe many of my friends and loved ones in Mesa an apology. I have not been in very good contact. Maybe it is selfish, but it hurts to hear the voices of those I left behind. As an adult I have become quite sentimental. Please accept my apology if you haven't heard from me. I promise we will talk soon. For now, Adios Amigos!

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  1. This friend misses you to--tickled you'd use my pic in this ODE. <3 ya Maddie!