Thursday, August 16, 2012

I'm Mr. Manager!

   I have been running around like a mad woman lately. Summer is fading fast and I'm trying to get in as much fun as possible. Aside from all of my normal mommy duties I've also been helping my dad get his furniture business going. For those of you who watch Arrested Development, my family was calling me, "Mr. Manager". I've been working on his blog and we were welcomed at our first farmers market. Our sweet family came to support us. There was music, splash pad, food, face painting and of course our fellow vendors. We had some wonderful people next to our booth that lent us their canopy. They were life savers along with Uncle Curt who was in town for a few days. We were said to see that hog-riding uncle head back up to the North country. Here are a few highlights from the market!
I LOVE these boys!

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