Wednesday, January 23, 2013

First child vs. Second child

A lot has changed since I first became a mother more than four years ago. I wanted to do everything right for my precious little bundle of joy. Although I still want the world for my children, I just don't put the same passion into things that i used to. Be it convenience, finances or just a shift in parenting has certainly adapted from the first child to the second. The following is a somewhat humorous list of things that have changed.

1.) First Child
Hand washed bottles with
All natural, chemical free soap and dried on separate drying rack.
Second Child
Use the same bottle for three feedings then toss in the dishwasher.
2.) First Child
Fed Organic formula, organic baby food and organic snacks exclusively until she was two.
Second Child
Fed whatever was the cheapest brand of formula from Wal-mart, Cheerios, and Mac 'n cheese.
3.) First Child
Used biodegradable and cloth diapers until she was potty trained.
Second Child
Use the Parents Choice brand unless I got coupon
4.) First Child
Vacuumed the living room and nursery daily and then laid a blanket down for her to play.
Second Child
Maybe vacuum every other week and do occasional mouth sweeps
5.) First Child
Strictly followed the Babywise sleep routine, baby sleeping through the night at 8wks, in her own room at four months.
Second Child
9 months old and still sleeping in our bed.

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  1. Haha I was laughing so hard the entire time I read this. Isnt this the truth!!! Another of my favorites is with Trey, if his paci fell on the ground I would put it in a ziplock bag until I got home to boil it, with Tatum, if hers falls on the ground, I stick it in my mouth to get the dirt off and give it back to her.