Wednesday, November 21, 2012

i'm thankful for my body

I normally blog about the things that I'm thinking about most. Unfortunately, I've been selfishly obsessed with my body image. I feel like I should be over this horribly shallow fixation by now. However, like many women, I'm still thinking about how I can change the way my body looks and feels. I constantly try to control my eating and find time to exercise. I spend even more time, hating my body. I fail at these attempts to better myself because I'm not happy with my current circumstances. And here's the kicker....Why would I take care of something that I don't love!? Somehow I have to figure out how to love and appreciate the body I have so that I can sincerely take care of it. In light of Thanksgiving I'm posting a list of all the reasons I should be thankful for the body that I have.

What I love about my body...
1.) All of my body parts function as they were intended...arms, legs, fingers toes, eyes etc.

2.) I have blond hair like my mommy, sisters and daughters.

3.) It's not addicted to drugs or alcohol.

4.) It can perform all of the tasks that I need to care for my family.

5.) It can dance.

6.) It can sing.

7.) It made two beautiful, healthy baby girls.

8.) It gave birth to two baby with no pain meds!

9.) It makes milk that provides all the nutrients my baby needs to survive!!

10.) My brain is healthy.

11.) I have arms to hold my husband and lips to kiss him.

12.) Every working body system that is a daily miracle.

13.) The chemical exchange of gases to provide oxygen to all of my tissues.

14.) The digestion of food.

15.) The delicate balance of hormones.

16.) The replacement of old tissue and healing abilities.

17.) The delivery of nutrients to muscles and bones.

18.) The advanced communication of my nervous system.

19.) The rhythmic beating of my heart that keeps me alive.

20.) My freckles

21.) My green eyes

22.) I have perfect vision (20/20)

23.) I can hear all the beautiful sounds and songs of life.

24.) It houses my soul

25.) I can dress it up in awesome outfits.

26.) It can rock my babies to sleep.

27.) It can run, swim, play sports, skateboard, ice skate, ride a bike etc. etc.

28.) It can taste delicious food.

29.) It can sleep and dream.

30.) It can feel the cool breeze.

31.) It can feel the warm sun.

32.) It can smell my baby's skin, lavender laundry soap, my husband's cologne, Saylor's hair, Christmas trees, a Sunday roast, etc.. 

33.) I don't have any allergies.

34.) It can do some pretty awesome yoga poses.

35.) I have all of my teeth.

36.) It can play the guitar, drums and a little piano.

37.) It can paint, draw, decorate, craft and create.

38.) I'm strong

39.) It releases natural "feel-good" chemicals.

40.) It is unique.

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  1. I just noticed your subtitle--a real-life blog. That's exactly what this is, REAL LIFE...& I LOVE it! This post is amazing! (And so is that body of yours!)