Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ketchup in her curls


In my last post I talked about "filling up my bucket". Well, thank goodness I have been because my girls continually test my patience. While caring for myself, my heart has become much lighter. It's easier to see that other people are in need too. I also see the humor in things more often and don't take myself so seriously. That country song, "you're gonna miss this" keeps playing in my head. Yes, there are toys scattered everywhere. Yes, there are unidentifiable sticky spots all over my floor. Yes, I've shared a twin bed with both my children multiple times this week. Yes, there are eyes drawing on Saylor's sheets because she likes to pretend to be "the ghost of Boise". Yes, there's frosting smeared across my mid-century couch. BUT, I know someday I'm going to miss this. I'm going to miss the days when farts are so funny and Saylor draws smiley faces on every finger tip. I'm going to miss wiping ketchup out of Sylvia's curls. I love that my house looks like a home. What a privilege it is to have children and to be here for them. I know too many women who have made severe mistakes and don't have the blessing of living with their children anymore. I could have easily been one of those women. I could have easily been another statistic. I know too many women who haven't had the opportunity for marriage or other women who face infertility or who have tragically lost a child. I honestly treasure every moment I have with these angels. They make me laugh, give my life meaning, challenge me to be better and fill my heart with joy.

So when life gets too serious or stressful or messy...I sing that little song........
"you're gonna miss this!"

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  1. Love your thoughts, you are such a good mommy! I know life is hard, sometimes I just want to rip my hair out! But those small moments of "tender mercies" give our lives such meaning and joy. We do have to step back and look at all we have and laugh a lot. Love you!