Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Back to Nature

My poor, dear little angel was so sick yesterday. She wasn't holding any food down and the only thing that seemed to be helping was the fresh air. So, it was perfect that the family planned a beautiful little nature walk this afternoon.
The design of the trails was very clever and had several of these fish view tanks along the way.
Saylor was very observant. Still recovering, she was not her normal bubbly-self. She quietly followed her older cousins along the trail. It was a beautiful day...perfect weather!
Emily and Brittanie...my two older sister and some of the best woman I know!
My sister's and I have not been altogether in about two years. The parade of strollers reminds us that we aren't little girls anymore. The time has come that we would always talk about as we were growing-up. The time when we would laugh about what kind of people we would be, how many kids we would have and what kind things we would be doing. Besides Brittany sticking to her dream of being a nurse, not much has turned out how we planned. Being together feels like home...especially in the beautiful trees of Idaho!
Saylor Mia...Oh, the joy this child brings to my life. Nothing has brought me more satisfaction than watching my dear little baby grow. Day by day, I see the development of her personality, her features and her compassion. It's not always easy, and I my biggest weakness is patience. But, I have learned so much about myself as a person by being her mother. She has changed me for the better..in many ways she has saved me. She is so fragile, so delicate. I would do anything for her. My heart ached for her this week. I would do anything to take away her suffering. Someone said to be recently that "women are saved in child birth." Meaning that a loving mother learns what so many people struggle with. The learn to give up themselves and devote their lives to someone else. Their WHOLE selves...body, mind and spirit.

I am truly amazed at the variety of pants, flowers and trees that Heavenly Father has created. I have come to appreciate the native planets in Arizona. They are very unique and beautiful in their own way. However, there is something special about the natural beauty of the Northwest. These lovely little flowers caught my eye and my picture does not do them justice.
I wanted to get a picture of these giant pinecones...Audrey then shoved Brennan out of the picture because, well...he didn't have a pinecone.
We concluded our outing with a picnic and a little surprise from baby Wesley. Poor guy had diarrhea all the way up his chest. The sickness has offically worked it's way around our entire family! I hope that was the last of it. I need to study up on some remedies for preventing these colds stomach sickness...maybe an upcoming post subject!
This Nature Center is located in Boise Idaho off of Myrtle on Park Blvd...It's free and there is plenty to see an do. The park right next to it is very large, green and full of squirrels. If you are in the area I highly recommend it!

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  1. Hey Maddie! It looks so beautiful there in Idaho! I wish i was there enjoying that weather! I am so glad you are doing what you think is best for you and Saylor! ! keep you in my prayers!