Saturday, July 2, 2011

'What Do You Do In the Summer Time?'

"my kid"
'What do you do in the Sumer time?'
Fun and Fancy Free
Kino Pool
Princess "D"
"noo knack" - break 
Nothing like a break from the heat in the zebra pool 

Arizona Sun
'animals '
 damn "I" teeth
'cross roads'

' you swim in a pool to keep yourself cool?'
my little family-crew has been taking advantage of 
whatever water we can find out here in the desert. 
Saylor loves the pool, the hose, cool bath, sprinkler etc.
With the projected temperatures for Independence Day
this year being 108 degrees, it is no wonder why my child 
wants to live in a pool. 
I enjoy the swimming pool and atmosphere just as much as
Saylor Mia does. 
I like the heat and the Vitamin D just brightens my mood.
Luckily, I have adjusted to the heat over the last three years. 
Saylor (my little arizona native) seems to have no trouble in the heat;
as long as she is splashing in something. ..
Not gonna lie, 
she only makes friends with kids who have pools.

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  1. So flipping cute! She is bigger already. I love her suits. Love the picture of laying in the pool and her goggles on. I miss her so much! Love you.