Friday, July 15, 2011

a Rainbow

My lovely little Saylor locks away the most beautiful memories. On one of our first days in Idaho we saw a rainbow appear after a thunder storm. Saylor was enchanted by that rainbow and often asked where it went?  

Several days ago my husband brought home a very unique gift for Saylor; Her own rainbow. He often finds little treasures that come into his work place of St. Vincent de Paul. 

She has been so fascinated that she can actually carry around a rainbow!
The pictures are so dark because the rainbow looks best with the lights off.
This is how it looks when projected on her bedroom wall. She likes us to leave her rainbow 
on while she falls asleep. 
She calls it her "specal rainbow". 
She also says "it's like Capitan Hook's rainbow", whatever that means.
I'm only speculating that Saylor associates this rainbow with the one she saw in Idaho. 
She is just so in love with that rainbow; it's pretty much the cutest damn thing. 
Get your own rainbow here.
Death Cab for Cutie..has the right idea in this video.

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