Tuesday, July 19, 2011

...Ye, are only in the Service of your God

Wow. I am in awe. I just feel so full of joy and hope and gratitude right now. I love Mesa, Arizona more everyday. I am especially in love with the people. When I first moved to this area of Mesa I felt loathsome and judgemental. I viewed the people and neighborhoods as "beneath me" and couldn't wait to move on from this chapter of my life. Now, I see how ignorant I was. Mother Theresa said, "if you judge people, you have no room to love them". Everyday I encounter people in this community who inspire me. I see the humility of the this class of people and I admire it. The 'nothing-to-lose' sincerity of these people is life-changing.  There is pain, regret, suffering, and selfishness among us. There is loss, there is helplessness and futility. My source of inspiration blooms from the willingness of this community to help one another. No one is immune from the hardships of life. There is an opportunity that arises in communities such as mine to serve each other. When our own problems become unbearable there is a God-given formula that can release us from our misery. The formula includes an open mind and a sacrifice of some kind. We might sacrifice our pride and smile at someone we do not normally favor. We can donate belongings or make a monetary offering to our church or charitable organizations. But to me a sacrifice of our time yields the greatest outcome.

I have felt so sorry for myself in the past few months that I have been oblivious. I have been oblivious to the needs of my fellowman. I have sorely neglected the principle most vital for anyone as chornically self-centered as I needed to survive. My willingness to help has been clouded by my selfishness. That is why I am grateful to be surrounded by my meek neighbors who are so willing to help remind me. Even though I am so bitterly proud and egotistical, I have been lovingly welcomed into a fellowship and a community of my brothers and sisters. We are all God's children and God is no respecter of persons. It does not matter if you are a "have" or a "have-not". We are all equal in the eyes of God. We are equally worthy of his grace. Therefore we have a responsiblity, IF we desire the blessings he has to offer. Here is to my willingness to be avaliable to for my brothers and sisters!

(I'm not sure what these two beautiful girls have to do with service, besides the are slowly but surely learning that when they share what they have, life is sweeter!)

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