Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back in the Saddle

Starting school again has really put a damper on my blogging. I can tell I'm not as sharp as I usually am. I've also been super annoyed at my lame camera on my droid. So, regardless I still wanted to show off what I've been doing so far this semester....besides school work.

A few weeks ago our sweet friends, Dan and Eliz, made us a delicious vegetarian dinner. We hadn't even let the cat out of the bag (that I'm prego) when they brought me the perfect anti-nausea drink. It consisted of:
club soda
fresh ginger and
fresh lemon
delicious and easy on the sick belly.

 The entree was a very authentic tasting Indian dish that was a perfect complement to the fresh cantaloupe salad.
We concluded the evening with a lovely little acoustic jam session from Dan and Cassidy. One of the best date nights ever!

Saylor Mia has really been pushing my buttons lately. It's most likely the hormones getting the best of me, but my nerves are shot!She pesters poor little Curly-head until she screams. When I have to punish her it breaks my heart because she has the sweetest most innocent voice. It makes me forget almost instantly why she was in trouble. She's so tricky like that. The hardest part is that she is EXACTLY like me. Karma can be so cruel.

Baby Numero Dos

7 weeks
Yes, it's official. We are expecting a baby on or around April 27, 2012. As many of you may know I had a miscarriage this spring and was pretty bummed about that. So we are taking extra precautions with this little bun. I didn't even ride the water slides on our visit to Sunsplash over Labor Day. And so far, baby is right on track. Mommy on the other hand, has been praying to the porcelain Gods for the past month and is backed up worse than the I-10 on a Monday morning. It's been a bit of a difficult start, but I know it won't last forever. I wouldn't mind laying around all the time except a woman's got stuff do to!

It has FINALLY started to cool down. It has been rainy and overcast for the past several days and I couldn't be happier. I was so excited to put warm jamies on Saylor and even a little coat this evening. Sweater weather makes me happy! 

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  1. I was wondering about when you commented about being nauseous on Facebook! Congrats!! So excited for you! As for praying to the porcelain god, just try to keep your blood sugar up. Have little snacks all day long, when you are sick it means that your blood sugar is too low and even though eating is the last thing you want to do when you feel sick, you will feel 800% better after you get stuff in your system. This is coming from someone that was so sick she had to be hospitalized and put on an IV for weeks! Just try eating things with lots of protein as that keeps your blood sugar up the longest. Hang in there. It does get better.