Friday, September 23, 2011

Weekend Get-Away: Sedona

My husband and I had the privilege of spending the weekend in lovely Sedona, Arizona.
 We left Saylor Mia with Auntie Emily. I was in desperate need of a break from my little two year-old tornado. At first I was feeling so guilty about leaving her. My sweet sister helped me realize that I was just feeling guilty because I wasn't leaving Saylor on a happy note. We have been at each other's throats for a few weeks now. The note would have continued to get more sour if I hadn't taken this relaxing trip with my sweet husband. I'm not ashamed to say, I really didn't miss her. I thought about her and wondered if she was having fun with her cousins, but mostly I tried to take advantage of the time to rejuvenate.

 Little critters kept crossing out path.
 We had some time to kill before we could check into our motel and there happened to be a pride festival going on. We wanted to check it out, but they wouldn't let us in..just joking! They wanted $10 for admission and we're more into free gay pride celebrations.

Next, we got suckered into sitting through a 90 minute presentation on time shares for a $75 cash card. It was a total sales pitch that was slightly awkward, but in the end worth the 75 bucks. Cha Ching!

I have mixed feelings about the shaved head. It's okay for now, but I'll be happy when it grows back. It's just a little too American History X for me. 

BBQ lunch
 These old tin signs were everywhere. This is in the bathroom at the resturant. Pretty clever.
My parents have had this tin hanging in their home for years. It was in our bathroom all growing up. You know you're pregnant when bathroom art makes you tear up a little becuase it reminds you of home.
 We stayed at a little mom and pop motel called the Baby Quail Inn. We stopped in for a quick rest before the show and got sucked into a home decor show. Cass was really into it until they gave away $40,000 for a middle class family to remodel their kitchen.I was so proud of him when got pissed off and protested that there are naked-starving kids in third world countries that could probably put that money to better use. My thoughts exactly, baby!
Gumption Fest 2011
Oak Creek Brewery

 The lovely, Eliz
Field Tripp
Dan the front Man
As usual, Field Tripp thoroughly entertained Cassidy and I.

Cass thought I was weird, but I really liked these big things outside our motel. They looked like giant q-tips.
I'm a bit of rock hound so I LOVED all the giant crystals around town. You can imagine the types of crude humor my husband was conjuring up.

If you look in the back you can see some folks "enjoying life in Sedona." Ah-reminds me of Oregon.

Smokey Quartz

 Jerome, AZ

...the same...

We couldn't have asked for a better trip. I'm so happy to be married to my sweet husband. We have our moments, but he is so good at bringing me back to my senses. I'm glad Heavenly Father sent him to me to balance me out. He amazes me everyday. There is nowhere else I'd rather be then right by his side.

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