Wednesday, December 5, 2012

good afternoon

 Good afternoon, world! I only have two more weeks left of school and then I'm taking a break (indefinitely). I'm so excited! I plan on spending more time with my babies, organizing my house, reading, exercising and blogging. I love sharing my thoughts here and hope that they do y'all some good. I gain a lot from reading posts from other talented bloggers and I'd like to post more regularly.
  Being a parent, spouse, student, employee, foodie, addict,(etc.,etc.) can be tough. Nobody should have to do it alone!As I was chatting with some fellow mommies this morning, I was reminded how great it feels to relate with someone. It absolutely does wonders for the soul!
I love getting feedback (good and not-so-good) so please feel totally free to comment or email me if you have questions of want to put in your two cents.


  1. I agree. Blogs really are a wonderful thing. I enjoy yours!

  2. I think this is the biggest reason why I struggle keeping up with my blog, rarely does anyone leave a comment. It is a lot of work to post pictures and come up with witty things to say all while neglecting other things like house work or my children. Does anyone read it? Does anyone care? I write nightly in my journal so I feel like i have the record for myself.